Can ITTI give me what I want?

ITTI is a very competitive, quality supplier with design capabilities for custom requirements. We offer immediate quote response on non-custom items. We can fill your short and long term delivery requirements.

Will it be a good value? Priced right and quality product?

ITTI has manufacturing facilities in both Japan and China. We are able to offer products not only a good value but the best quality the industry offers at the right price

Can I depend on ITTI to fill all of my needs?

In cooperation with our strategic partners we have expanded service capabilities. The variety of products we offer enables you to choose from the best of the best in most market segments.

Can I get what I need at the price that I want? In time?

In addition to local inventory and customer bonded inventory programs, our extensive manufacturing contacts make us a multi source operation in the truest sense of the phrase. We can find the parts you need, when you need them – at competitive prices.

Can ITTI help me with the custom part of the device?

Our engineering staff frequently implements custom designs to meet the needs of our clients. Working with our strategic partners and engineering staff, our engineering team coordinates your critical needs with the latest industry tested approaches to build the finest products at the best possible price.

Will ITTI be there if the part should fail? How?

Our quality program insures that 100% of the products we sell are at or better than specified. Documentation is available on all parts -including traceability – immediately available.

What is the reward for doing business with ITTI?

You create a fail-safe, win-win relationship when you do business with ITTI. You get what you want – a service oriented, quality supplier that offers incredibly good pricing. And we get what we want – a satisfied, consistent customer that trusts our abilities as the premium frequency control source.