Company Profile

ITTI was founded with a simple and ingenious philosophy: to become your preferred strategic supplier for the highest quality lowest cost quartz based electronic components. With our complete line of crystal, crystal oscillator, crystal filter, ceramic resonator and the most technologically advanced crystal oscillator, ITTI’s capabilities and resources are world class, hands down. ITTI’s capabilities and commitments: ITTI is a multi-national corporation with headquarter used to locate in USA. However many customers have transferred their projects to Asia. Therefore in the year 2000, our management decided to setup a regional headquarter in Hong Kong, with a team of professional in administration, engineering, sales and marketing to provide better service to our customers from there. We have later setup sales offices in the region such as Korea, China and Taiwan. In doing so, we are getting closer to the markets and customers, making us understand their needs and expectations better. Since then we have succeeded in building up a stronger relationships with our customers.

ITTI is the pioneer in the concept of a quartz foundry similar to that used in the semiconductor industry. The idea is simple yet profound. Consider the fact that some manufacturers have a strong presence as a crystal supplier yet may be marginal in other areas while others may have a great capability to produce oscillators and yet be weak in filters, or TCXO’s. In other words, having a great and competitive capability in all product areas is extremely difficult. That is until ITTI.


To illustrate this further, ITTI through its engineering, quality and production knowledge and expertise determines which factory has the basic strength to produce a particular product. In turn, through extensive efforts with the respective factory, ITTI’s engineers in conjunction with the factory’s personnel are able to fine tune the dedicated factory’s production and schedules to ensure low cost timely high quality production rates thus providing to you, our customer, world class products.

This is just part of the ITTI stories, another exciting aspect is that of our custom capabilities. In many cases an off the shelf item simply cannot perform the given task in your system to your expectations and either an adaptation of an existing product will suffice or possibly a full custom part may be required. This is where ITTI excels. Our engineering and manufacturing personnel carefully review your requirements and will provide the most cost effect solution for your application just as we would with a standard product. No matter how simple or complex, your exact requirement is our challenge.

ITTI is an exciting new face in quartz industry. Nevertheless we want the opportunity to earn your designation as one of your strategic suppliers.